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Let us start by telling you the "WHY" and "HOW" woofwoof fosters was created. Our founder
moved to TN in February of 2019. Since moving here, she has seen a lot of 
posts on Facebook and other social media sites about missing, neglected, homeless, abused dogs, and 

overcrowded shelters and rescues. Our founder and her family rented houses while
searching for a place to buy that would accommodate animals. In 2022, they finally found
a home to buy! Now that they have a home and some land, they want to do what they can
to help! The dream is that one day rescue organizations won't be needed and that all
humans will see these beautiful furbabies for what they areā€¦.. love in the purest form. It
is part of woofwoof foster's mission to make this happen. 

About Us


woofwoof fosters

Our organization is an all-volunteer, home-based, foster-based, certified 501(c)(3) 

dog rescue/placement organization based in South East Tennessee. woofwoof fosters 

strongly believes in networking with local rescues, shelters, and transports, by using social

 media and web-related databases. We also utilize 

adoption events/expos 
to help place these pets in the best homes possible. Part of

 our mission is to
establish strong, trusting relationships with other rescue groups to network together and save more lives.

Woofwoof fosters in the community

woofwoof fosters is serving the community by educating and encouraging responsible pet ownership with an emphasis on the need for spaying and neutering as well as keeping the community informed of local spay and neuter options and vaccine clinics.  Every one of our pups is spayed or neutered before being adopted, or the adopter must sign a contract agreeing to spay/neuter the dog within a specified time frame. 



The majority of the dogs at woofwoof fosters come from numerous different animal control shelters in the southeast region of Tennessee.  We also care for dogs from hoarding situations and owner surrenders that may otherwise be taken directly to the shelter. woofwoof fosters strives to save the forgotten ones, the ones that no one comes for, the ones that become urgent because their time has run out. We are committed to providing the dogs that come into woofwoof fosters with the best possible care while they wait for their fur-ever homes. This is achievable by acclimating them to life outside of a shelter environment and providing them with appropriate veterinary care. Every dog is on flea/tick/heartworm preventives, up to date on vaccines, spayed or neutered, and micro-chipped.  Part of their acclimation includes teaching them how to be a dog, teaching them proper house manners and socializing them with people and dogs alike.  While there are shelters that are forced to euthanize for space, we are a no-kill rescue and healthy, friendly pets in our care will not be euthanized for space.  Here's to a bright future working with you and with anyone that wants to become part of the solution that is necessary to end the killing, abuse and neglect of these innocent animals.