Angel funds are funds that are specifically designated to assist with the medical expenses of animals in rescue organizations. These expenses can add up quickly, which is why angel funds help to ensure that these animals receive the care they need. This also helps us ensure that we can take any dog in any condition. 

Donating to our angel fund is a great way to make a difference in the lives of dogs in our care that are in need. Your donation will help to cover the cost of medical care, which can be a significant expense for us, especially since we run soley on donations.  It's a wonderful way to show your support and help ensure that these animals receive the care they need to live happy and healthy lives.



How To Donate

We are able to meet in person in the local area, and we also accept donations via check, made out to "woofwoof fosters". If you would like to donate directly to our account with our veterinarian, please contact us for more information. If you are donating to the Angel Fund, please include a note with your donation so that we can ensure it is deposited into the correct account.

Please note, even with being a nonprofit, PayPal charges us a fee. There is an option for that fee to be paid by the donor.

-Impact Stories-

Maximus/Mowgli's Story

Maximus was found with a broken leg that was fractured in three different places. He required multiple trips to the veterinarian, several changes to his splint, and a second opinion was sought. Even though his splint has been removed, he will probably need to take supplements for his bones for the rest of his life. Your contributions would help us purchase these supplements and pay for any follow-up appointments that may be necessary while he is under our care.


Gus has recently joined our team, but unfortunately, he is in pretty bad shape. Despite the vet's examination and a skin test, it may take several attempts and modifications to find the best solution for his skin condition. Additionally, Gus is severely underweight, which requires ongoing care. We will be making multiple trips back to the vet to ensure that he receives the necessary follow-up treatments. To stay updated on his progress, please follow us on Facebook.


"Beauty" is a new member of woofwoof fosters. She was discovered wandering the streets with a collar but no chip. As per our standard protocol, Beauty will undergo a 5-day stray hold. When we found her, she was covered in ticks and had swollen eyes and eyelids. We immediately took her to the vet, who prescribed ointment for her eyes. We will check back in two weeks to see how she is doing. If the redness and swelling do not improve, she will require surgery.


We received Prince from someone who saw him being abandoned in the mountains. After taking him to the vet for a check-up, we found out that he weighs only 7 lbs, whereas he should weigh 15 lbs. The vet confirmed that he needs to gain some weight. Although he is slowly starting to gain confidence, he is severely malnourished. Therefore, he will not be available for adoption until his condition is stabilized. We plan to re-evaluate him after a month in our care, which requires another vet appointment. Fortunately, everything else seems to be fine with him.